About me

I am a 'Wrinkly' - I do not like terms like 'Senior Citizen'. 'OAP' fits the slot as does 'Old F***', but Wrinkly says it as it is. (Mrs W will tell you that 'Old F***' does as well . . . )

Photography has been a hobby since before I left college (a long long time ago), but in more recent years (that's 20 or 30) I got into video rather than stills. Mrs W introduced me to Blipfoto a year or so ago but I didn't do anything until after I had a new telephone for my birthday in November 2013, and found that it took better (still) photos than my HD video camera. Blipfolio is my overspill area.

Variety is the spice of life, and I like to embrace as many aspects of photography as I can. If at all possible I like to introduce humour into everything I do.

See Blipfoto 'About me' for more.